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The Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association has developed a series of products especially designed for optimal performance in Massachusetts’ soils. These products are available only to MNLA members, both for Landscapers to use with their clients, and for Nurseries to resell to their customers. MNLA is the only professional association to offer a custom product line: yet another way we can help our members satisfy their customers and grow their businesses.

These custom blended grass seed and fertilizer blends have been scientifically formulated with organic micronutrients. The new plastic packaging is professionally designed and includes counter displays and shelf hangers at no extra charge. The pricing includes case pricing, volume and early order discounts and free shipping options. Products are available in sizes ranging from 5 pounds to 50 pounds. All of our products are priced to give MNLA members the competitive advantage of superior performing products at comparable prices.

Our manufacturing partner for these top-of-the-line products is Valley Green in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Private labeling and special mixes are also available from Valley Green: contact MNLA Sales Rep. Doug Dondero at 508.944.3262 for details.

To order, call Valley Green Sales & Customer Service: 1.866.830.5909

MNLA product line benefit videos

Learn more about the benefits of using and selling the MNLA product line.



Spring Fertilizer & Seed Program

Fertilizer Quantity Discount:

  • Orders over $2,000 deduct 5%
  • Orders over $5,000 deduct 7.5%
  • Orders over $10,000 deduct 10%

Grass Seed Quantity Discount:

  • Orders over $2,000 deduct 5%

Free Shipping with minimum order of $750. Order under $750 are subject to $75 freight charge.

Cash Discounts: 2% 15 days, net 30



Fertilizer blends come in 10 different varieties, and include 100% organic and 80% organic options.


Turf-O-Ganic 10-0-4

Organic-based fertilizer with trace elements added. Zero phosphate, long lasting. Safe to use in warm weather. Available in 50lb bags.

Plant-O-Ganic 8-8-8

Organic-based fertilizer with nitrogen and trace elements added. This premium fertilizer produces long-term growth and vigor for all your gardening needs including evergreens, trees, shrubs, and roses. Available in 25lb and 50lb bags.

Hen-O-Ganic 5-4-3

Economical poultry-based, 100% organic fertilizer. Great for all your organic farming and gardening needs. Ideal for trees, shrubs, annuals and perrenials. Available in 50lb bags.

Country Gardner 5-10-5

Economical plant food for annuals that increases harvest of fruits and vegetables. Available in 50lb bags.

Superphosphate 0-20-0

Promotes healthy root growth and strong flower buds. Helps new plants, and can also be used in potting soil and compost. Available in 50lb bags.

Solu-cal “Rapid Lime” Enhanced Calcitic Lime

Solu-Lime® contains pure, ultr-fine ground pelletized calcium carbonate which is impregnated with Carboxy Technology PHCA. It is ideal for landscapes, trees and shrubs, fruits and vegetables, and wildlife food plots. Available in 30lb bags.

Landscape Fertilizers with XCU Technology

XCU Technology for controlled release of nitrogen uses breakthrough technology that allows consistent nutrient release.

  • 14-2-6 Blend is 40%XCU and 50% organic-based. Available in 50lb bags.
  • 24-0-5 Blend is 40% XCU and 2% FE. Available in 50lb bags.
  • 20-0-5 Blend is 30% XCU and 3% FE. Available in 50lb bags.
  • 12-0-4 Blend is 30% XCU with Solu-cal. Available in 50lb bags.

Private Label and Special Mixes

We can provide for all your custom needs: call Doug Dondero for details at 508.944.3236.

Call Valley Green at 1.866.830.5909 to order fertilizer and grass seed products.


Grass Seed

The professional grass seed comes in six eco-friendly varieties for sun, shade, heat, drought, and traffic areas. “Seeds for Life” is a new premium performance seed blend with water absorbing technology.

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All grass seed is available in 3lb(x15), 10lb(x5), 25lb, and 50lb bags. Quantity discount: deduct 5% for seed orders over $2,000.

Mass Turf Sun & Shade, Best all-purpose seed

  • 25% Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 35% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue
  • 40% Allaire II Perennial Ryegrass*

Pro Turf Full Sun, Best looking dark green turf grass

  • 25% Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 20% Bonaire Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 20% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue
  • 35% Allaire II Perennial Ryegrass*

Pro Turf Shady Shade, Best mix for shady areas

  • 35% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue
  • 35% Allaire II Perennial Ryegrass*
  • 15% Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 15% Dawson Creeping Red Fescue

Quick Turf Fastest type of grass seed to germinate

  • 35% Allaire II Perennial Ryegrass*
  • 35% Laredo Perennial Ryegrass*
  • 30% Manhattan Perennial Ryegrass*

Cape Cod A low maintenance, drought tolerant mix

  • 80% Aztec II tall fescue
  • 10% Allaire II Perennial Ryegrass*
  • 10% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue


* Denotes endophytic variety for natural control of chinch bugs.