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Unable to attend our latest Green Industry Job Fair?

Check back soon for the 2020 exhibitor directory for possible green industry job positions.

The MNLA Green Industry Job Fair is where landscape, nursery, garden center and greenhouse companies will connect with individuals looking for jobs in the green industry. This is a win/win opportunity for employers and job seekers.

Somerville Rain Gardens at Work

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A career in landscaping could be for you

For Students

Green Careers

Careers for StudentsThe nursery, landscape and garden industries offer many career opportunities for smart, passionate and enthusiastic people like you. And luckily for you, this field is ripe for the picking! Look beyond the myths surrounding these careers to learn the truth about professions that offer variety, flexibility, competitive pay, opportunities to grow, and overall job satisfaction.


The Land Lovers: Find a field you'll love

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LandLovers work with and for the land, and love what they do. When you step outside, virtually everything you see that isn't asphalt has been touched at some point by someone in the nursery and landscape industry. By making such a positive impact on the environment, it's hard for LandLovers not to love what they do. Click here to discover your next career path!


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